Public Projects

Proof of Existence

The Proof of Existence app makes it easy to provably record the existence of digital files. The app creates digital fingerprints of files, automatically recording the fingerprints on the FLO blockchain and backing up the original file to private Blockstack storage.

Permanent Record

The Permenent Record app provides a form for writing permanently to the FLO blockchain and the cost to do so is subsidized by the app. Blockstack is integrated to allow for keeping a private record of what the user has permanenty recorded.

Chaintek Wallet

The Chaintek wallet provides a browser-based UI for Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. It is a multi-coin wallet, currently supporting BTC, FLO, RVN and RITO.

Asset Explorers

The asset explorers provide a view into the assets created on the Ravencoin and Ritocoin blockchains, including relevant transactions and address balances. Additionally, IPFS file attachments are displayed when possible.

Rito Stats Page

This is a simple stats page for the Ritocoin blockchain, including common metrics and a chart depicting the daily rewards and average mining difficulty.